Lost in Frenchlation : « En Corps » with english subtitles + APERITIF

« En Corps » (Rise) + APERITIF

Thursday, August 18/8 at 8pm (8:30 pm the movie)


Intro: A beautiful tribute to dance and life’s twists and turns. Finding fulfillment in the unknown and the electrifying path of discovering one’s way.


Official Synopsis: Élise thought she had the perfect life: an ideal boyfriend and a promising career as a ballet dancer. But, after she suffers an injury on stage, it seems like she might not be able to dance again. The path to physical and emotional recovery will lead her away from Paris to a picturesque location in Brittany – where her friends, a new love and the freedom of contemporary dance will help her reconnect with her father and, most importantly, herself.


👍Review: “With heartfelt but understated acting, bursts of drama, and intricate cinematography of accomplished dancing in several genres, Rise has much to offer” – BMA

☞ Trailer with English subtitles: https://www.studiocanal.com/title/rise-2022/ 


🍷 We’ll offer you an aperitif !! Don’t miss the event 🙂

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